15 Reasons to live in an RV
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15 Reasons to live in an RV

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We’re one month into our RV full-time adventure. So far life is great! We get work done, we hike, we play with the dogs, we cook, we eat, we drink, we relax, etc. After only one month, I have come up with 15 reasons why we love living in our RV so far! I’m sure the list will change and grow with time, but for now.

  1. The beautiful views right out your door! Some of the views you get in your RV are breathtaking. All you need to do is wake up and look out the window. You pay for a view from a house.
  2. If you don’t like the view or your neighbor, you can move! That’s right. If you find your neighbor annoying, pack your stuff and off you go. You don’t like the view out your front door, move the RV somewhere else.
  3. The RV lifestyle encourages you to be outside and enjoying nature. We usually get out for a hike, walk, bike ride or run EVERY day! We can’t say we did that in our sticks and bricks home.img_5757
  4. You can live wherever you like. You can follow the 70 degree weather or hit up the beach. Go park near mountains for great hiking and beautiful scenery. Hit up the desert, if that’s your thing. You can literally park your home wherever you want.
  5. Living in an RV is a great conversation starter. I have found that everyone asks where you are from. When I say we live in an RV, they start asking tons of questions. It makes people open up and be friendly. We’ve even run into people who are staying at our RV park outside of the actually resort.
  6. You live simply. There is no room for extra stuff that doesn’t get used. Space in your RV is crucial and you’ll find you only keep the important stuff. No extra baggage and less time shopping for stuff.img_5737
  7. It’s awesome traveling with your home. You always feel comfortable – no more crappy hotel rooms. You always have your bathroom, so a pit stop is easy. You always have all your clothes and everything else that come with the comforts of home.
  8. We only eat out when we want a treat. We find we want to cook more often to enjoy the beautiful scenery. We literally eat dinner outside almost every night. This means we can eat pretty healthy and only go out when we find a restaurant worthy of treating ourselves.
  9. Cleaning home is easy and quick. It literally can be done in 20 minutes or less. A quick vacuum, a wipe down of the bathroom and kitchen, a quick dusting and you’re done!
  10. The RV lifestyle makes you appreciateimg_5741 experiences vs. stuff. This is part of why we moved into an RV. We want to experience life and create lasting memories through travel and not be bogged down by stuff.
  11. If you can buy your RV outright or with a small loan, you can live debt free very quickly. The chances for savings opportunities abound, if you make the right choices. With little to no payments for utilities (we still have internet and cell phone costs) and keeping RV park stays to a minimum, you can live quite frugally in an RV. We choose to pay for RV parks with full hookups a lot of the time because we enjoy the comforts of home. If we want to truly camp, we’ll take our truck and leave our RV behind for the true camping experience. However, you can still keep camping costs down by workamping, finding a friend or relative who lets you stay on their land, using Harvest Hosts or other similar programs, bartering for a place to stay with whatever work you can provide or paying RV parks a monthly rate instead of the higher daily or weekly costs. You can also utilize Passport America, Good Sam or other membership programs to keep camping costs lower.img_5764
  12. The chances for stargazing increase! If you choose to camp off the grid in remote areas, you have ample opportunities for stargazing. You can even camp in small towns away from big cities to see all the stars have to offer. It can get pretty amazing with the viewing of the milky way possible at times.
  13. Having 2 patios to enjoy outside living! If you own a home, chances are it doesn’t have 2 patios to enjoy the outdoors. If it does, it probably cost a lot more than my RV.
  14. You’re always meeting new people and making new friends. Yes. I suppose RV life could feel lonely at times, but not for us so far. We have met new friends and enjoyed hanging out with them over a campfire on a Saturday night. It’s been fun meeting new people from all over and sharing stories. Keeping in touch with people is easier than ever with Faceboimg_5820ok, phones, email, Instagram, and more. You can connect however much you choose.
  15. Exploring new places and seeing new things. While I don’t explore every day, I do enjoy getting out and seeing things in the places we stay. This includes museums, cute towns, parks, restaurants and more. While in Arizona, I have explored Desert Botanical Gardens, Musical Instrument Museum, Tonto National Forest, Lake Saguaro, Picacho Peak State Park, the town of Jerome, and more. Not too bad for only a month on the road with 3 art shows taking up long weekends!

Are you a full-time RVer? Did I miss something? Share your thoughts or reasons for living in an RV.