5 Tips for Downsizing your home
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5 Tips for Downsizing your home

After a month on the road driving our 5th wheel to our sticks and bricks home, we had to get busy downsizing. What a daunting task this can be. I’m not going to say it’s easy. Even though we had already started downsizing in August and even held a moving sale, it feels like there is an endless amount of stuff to get rid of somehow. Where did all this stuff come from? Why did we keep it all???In my previous post, I offered up some tips for getting started. Now it’s time to get serious and clear out everything!

Here’s how I went about clearing the house out:

  1. Facebook: I used local Facebook groups. Find a sale group in your town or even a neighboring town. This worked well for furniture items. People are generally nice and could even live in your own neighborhood!
  2. Apps like Letgo, OfferUp, VarageSale, etc. Search for these apps on your smartphone. They all let you publish your items locally and have message features built in. I sold a few things off here. Be aware most people on here really wanted a true bargain. If you want top dollar for your stuff, this might not be the best place.
  3. Craigslist: I had decent luck with some items using Craigslist locally. If you search for similar items, you will get a price range. Make sure to include dimensions, features, photos and other pertinent information. I always had both of us home for meetings, but never felt in danger from anyone who came to the house. Everyone was nice and thankful.
  4. Your local network: Use your friends and family network to offer items for sale. You never know what people might be looking for or in need of! We had friends who just finished a renovation offer to buy quite a bit of furniture off of us. If we hadn’t reached out to people, we never would have made that happen. We had other friends take small items, buy stuff at our moving sale and ask us for specific items we might be getting rid of. You never know until you ASK.
  5. Charity: Donate the leftovers. Charities will take everything from furniture to household items img_5535to clothing and more. There are even charities that will PICK UP items from your house! That’s right. Locally in Denver we have Vietnam Veterans of America, Salvation Army, ARC, Epilepsy Foundation and more who will schedule a day to come to your home and get the items. Some even take TVs, electronics, mattresses, etc. Check your local area for those charities or bring your items to your local thrift store. Make sure to leave some time for picking up of items as they often schedule a few weeks out. We did both! Don’t forget to keep good records of those donated items for your taxes. You might qualify for a tax deduction. Take photos, get donation papers from the charity with a date on it, look up thrift shop values of your items and keep a spreadsheet/paper list of items donated.

Through all these listings I only had ONE person not show up when they said they would! That’s a pretty good turnout. I was pretty impressed by the people who did come by. They were all so friendly and nice. They wanted to hear the story behind the item and why I was selling. It was actually nice to know my stuff was going to be appreciated in a new home.  I sold to everyone from a family updating a child’s room to a man serving in Afghanistan to a neighbor and to friends/family!

It feels good to downsize and be living on less already. Next up the official move into the RV!