We’ve been at this 6 months!?!?!?
» » We’ve been at this 6 months!?!?!?

We’ve been at this 6 months!?!?!?

We honestly can’t believe it’s been 6 months of RV living! Where did the time go?

What else can I say? We are loving life on the road. We enjoy seeing new landscapes, new places and meeting new people. This is an amazing country and we love seeing more of it. We feel like we are learning everyday. Learning about nature, our country, agriculture, geography and more. It’s like a perpetual school being on the road and both of us are always craving new knowledge.

parked along a creek in an empty campground

Things we love about the traveling life:

Always seeing new places

This really encompasses everything about the life. We love exploring new places. It’s so fun to be in the desert one week and a beautiful redwood forest only a couple of
weeks later!

Travel is showing us all sorts of landscapes from mountains to deserts to forests to beaches. Experiencing the differences in weather, scenery, wildlife and even the locals is fun to us. We feel like we are learning more about our own country from the farming communities to the tourists spots; it’s all so amazing. It’s been awesome to see wildflowers in bloom, hike different trails, have our home parked along a river, enjoy the slower pace of life in small town America and the fast pace of life in the cities. America is diverse and it’s really great to see that diversity.

I loved this county name right outside our park! It felt pretty accurate – YOLO (you only live once)

We take more pictures now than ever before. We have photos of us hiking, exploring and enjoying all sorts of new things and places always with smiles on our faces. We’ve been wowed by sunsets and sunrises across lots of landscapes. The nomad life has given us freedom to explore it all!

It does feel like we are on a perpetual vacation except our home and its comforts are always with us! We can cook our own meals and sleep in our own familiar bed while enjoying all the fun of vacation. We aren’t on a permanent vacation since we do work. However, we are already in a new place to explore. When we want a break from work or are done for the day, we can go out and explore new things!

Learning new things

Whether it’s related to dealing with the RV or simply learning about the landscape around us, we love to take it all in. If we didn’t live in an RV, would I have seen these awesome sea otters? Maybe at some point, if I made it a priority to get there.

Take, for example, a trip I took to see sea otters in the wild. I didn’t know much about sea otters before I went. Then I experienced a few hours with them and wanted to learn more! I proceeded to come home and learn about them – behavior, eating, sleeping, hunting, protection, etc. I even wrote up a little blog post about them because I was so excited to learn and experience.

A home with a view

We have to say that we’ve had some really awesome places to park our home. Not every park or campground is amazingly beautiful. Sometimes it’s more about price or needing to be near something. But then there are the times you get to park among the redwoods or in an empty campground on a creek. It’s these times that are memorable and amazing. We spend more time outside when we have these gorgeous views (and the weather cooperates) and we feel more relaxed.

sunset from our back patio in Lost Dutchman State Park

More time for relaxing

RV living has also given us more time to relax and enjoy. This can mean going out for a beer or dinner, enjoying a hike or simply hanging out on our patio on a beautiful day. There is less rat race to make it here or there. Our only deadlines are to honor reservations at parks and campgrounds or something related to work.

Things we don’t love, but we accept as part of the life:

Moving the house

Travel days are stressful for us. The packing up is not a problem. We have even learned to put the pups in the truck to lessen their stress on moving day. They get super anxious when the house starts closing in on them. But are totally calm and relaxed hanging out in the truck. However, stressors that we can’t seem to lessen are pit stops and drivers.

STOPS: As for making stops, we are large. We need a big space to park and turn around. It’s not always easy. We haven’t figured out the best way to deal with this yet.

DRIVERS: It’s the other drivers on the road that scare us. They cut us off and do crazy maneuvers around us. We can’t stop that quickly! We are large and heavy. Stressful! Obviously, we have no control over other drivers, so this will never change.

Always Using Maps

We do get tired of constantly having to search for a grocery store or the post office or whatever it is we need that day or week and rejoice when we don’t need to use google maps to get somewhere! It’s even more exciting if we can walk or bike to our destination.

Feeling lonely

There are times that we feel alone in the world. We have social times where we hang out with other RVers. We even sometimes meet people at the parks we stay. But we miss the long term friendships. The call up a friend and a grab a beer kind of friend. Plus, the monthly activities we had on our schedules (like book club and hobby meetings). We are managing and almost always strike up conversations with people around us. It’s a sacrifice we make for the nomad life.

What do you love about RV living? What are your stressors?