Paul is a software architect and entrepreneur who can mastermind great projects and manage a team. He's the tech guy behind the start-up, Campground Booking. He loves to hike, run, and learn new things. He is a Colorado native which means he knows how to snowboard and ski! When not behind the computer, he can be found outside hiking, kayaking or otherwise exploring.

Domani with outdoor officeHeather is a wildlife and nature photographer and tax professional, the Tax Queen, supporting digital nomads, remote businesses and RV entrepreneurs. She loves to be outside as well - hiking, kayaking or taking photos of nature. When she's not behind the camera, she loves to bake, read and take walks with the dogs.

Both of us love adventure and travel. We've also been known to frequent the local craft breweries, wineries, and cideries. Finding awesome local food is usually a priority, so we often can be found perusing the local farmer's markets. Together we are roamin' across the USA and Canada taking in the sights, seeing new scenery and living life to its fullest.

Our furry companions:

We travel with two pups who seem to enjoy life as much as we do! So far they have visited over 35 states and 2 Canadian provinces.

Case, the brown Australian Kelpie, is full of energy, yet quite comfortable cuddling on his bed. He loves playing fetch, hiking and doing tricks for treats. This pup is the friendliest and loves meeting dogs on the road. Sometimes you'll know he's around because he can be very vocal.

Suji, the brindle Shepherd mix, loves to hike and be outside especially in the snow (you can bet that we don't see too much of that while living on the road). He also loves hiking and running and playing with his brother. During our travels Suji was diagnosed with both Addison's disease and hypothyroidism, so we understand maintaining a chronic disease while on the road.