One thing we’ve learned from full-time RVing, be flexible and go with the flow
» » One thing we’ve learned from full-time RVing, be flexible and go with the flow

One thing we’ve learned from full-time RVing, be flexible and go with the flow

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If there’s one major thing we’ve learned from being on the road, it’s the ability to be flexible and go with the flow. Even the best-laid plans sometimes need to change at the last minute. Thankfully, it hasn’t happened too many times in our year on the road. Recently we hit a major snafu. Read on for the whole story.


The wind gets us

What happened, you ask? Well, we planned on boondocking and had scouted an area on maps. We start the day with no issues. Then we cross a Colorado mountain pass and the other side is super windy. We’re talking 40-50 MPH gusts.

Think about it.

We’re driving a high profile vehicle that’s 13’ tall. The wind gusts push us around almost like the tumbleweed blowing across the road. Ok. Not that bad, but it is nerve wracking and tiring keeping the 5th wheel straight on the road in high winds.

We take a break for lunch to give Paul a break from driving while also determining our boondocking location is less than 30 miles away. We can make it!


Arriving at the BLM land, we drop the trailer to scout a good spot. Driving dirt and some paved roads for almost 2 hours we finally find a spot we like. We hook up the trailer and head towards the spot. Then we discover it is too sandy for the truck to pull the weight of the trailer. With only the truck, it pushed through fine. No problem. We back up through a cattle gate and go to our second choice.

Fail #1.

Our second choice is too sandy as well except this time we become totally stuck. Moving the truck only drives it deeper into the sand. Now what?

Fail #2.

It’s 4:30ish and we can see a wall of rain moving our way in the distance.

Thankfully we use a dolly to pull our 5th wheel and it comes with a winch. Immediately Paul springs into action and 2 hours later we find ourselves, trailer and truck on firm ground.

The best part? We didn’t damage the trailer!

We high five, kiss and rejoice in our success. Then we quickly step into action as that wall of rain is dropping drizzle on us. Yes, we found a parking spot on firm ground and manage to get level and everyone inside before the skies open. Phew.

The wind

Remember when I said it is windy outside. Well, picture sand blowing at you in the wind. It’s in our hair and our eyes. It really is quite uncomfortable being outside. I literally found sand in my ears upon getting inside. Our clothes are sand covered and it’s in our shoes. Oh joy.

How we ignored this fact to get ourselves out I’m not quite sure, but we did.

Lastly, we are proud to say that not only did we recover from this predicament, we did so without screaming or fighting with each other. I guess we’ve both learned to go with the flow and remain calm even in stressful situations.

Be flexible and go with the flow

When living in an RV, you must learn to go with the flow. Remain calm. Plans can change. There will be breakdowns, wrong turns, reservation mix-ups, etc.

Think through all possible scenarios. Remember the tough times as great stories for later. Laugh.

Remember, be flexible and go with the flow. Take a deep breath. Assess the situation. Remind yourself it could probably we worse. Remember what’s important to you in life.

Finally, sit down afterwards to reward yourself with a glass of wine (or treat of your choosing).

Yes. That’s exactly what we did after jumping for joy that we made it out of the deep sand all by ourselves without it the rain hitting us. It might have taken 2 hours and it might have started raining the minute we stepped inside, but we did it!

Anyone else have any fun boondocking stories to share?