The first week: learning curve and fun too!
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The first week: learning curve and fun too!

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Can’t believe it, but it’s been a week since we’ve been on the road back to our house in Colorado. It’s been quite the whirlwind of a week. There has been a huge learning curve, extra long stressful days and lots of adjustments for both us and the dogs. Here’s some of the highlights and trials:


  1. Fresh water problem: The water tank made Heather sick to her stomach. It was no fun for sure. We talked to the RV park manager at our first stop and he gave us great advice. So we flushed the entire system out. Put bleach in the tank and filled it. Then we drained it and repeated the clean water flush a second time. Heather was still weary of drinking the RV water with good reason. However, it worked out ok and all was good in the end. Definitely being careful of water on the road though. Yucca Valley apparently has arsenic in the water, so we’re back to drinking bottled water.
  2. Hitch scare: Our first detachment from the hitch and brake fluid starting spraying. Heather noticed it and started screaming the warning to Paul. It was a definite freak out moment, but thankfully neither of us really did. Instead, Heather went back to unpacking/setting up the RV for the first time and Paul tried to figure out the problem. Thankful it was just a fail safe and nothing major was broken. We stopped at a local store for some brake fluid and all was good. Phew!
  3. Gas station trap: On our way to our second location, we made a rookie mistake of getting trapped in a gas station. Thankful for a kind stranger who stopped to help us out. He has the same truck with a 5th wheel, so understood our troubles. Definitely a good learning moment and so nice to have friendly people around. We have experienced very friendly people so far on the road and in the RV parks. That’s a pretty great feeling.
  4. Too many miles in a day: We also made the rookie mistake of thinking we could make more miles in a day than we should have. 350 miles coupled with strong winds made for a VERY long and VERY tiring day. We were both so happy to get out of the truck! It didn’t help that Heather is suffering from a cold and is exhausted. At least the truck is good for napping, if you’re the passenger. Of course, it wasn’t easy going upon arrival as the park didn’t have a large spot for us even with our reservation. Paul did an awesome job of fitting into a small space! We just barely fit off the pavement and had to park our truck next to the rig. Paul earned an A+ backing in with the guidance of our kind RV neighbor. It was so good to put our feet up. It’s the little things for sure. Thankfully the next afternoon after our driving lesson we got a bigger space for our rig. Can you believe they had a van parked in a 60 ft space?!?!? Yes, a little van that took up no space at all was in our spot! The van owner was even rude enough to yell at Paul. Paul kept his cool and told the young man to visit the office to work it out. He then came back stomping to get his outdoor rug and electric cord. Certainly not a happy man, but seriously he had a little van in a 60 ft spot!!! What was he thinking?!?!?img_1335
  5. Driving lessons! Yes, that’s right we signed up for driving lessons. It was a great idea and Paul really learned so much. He became more comfortable with hills, mountain roads, highways, rest stops, turning, backing up and even a jack knife experience. Heather even got to drive the rig for the first time and did really well with turns, highways and hills! Pretty great instructor, Jerry! Thank you RV Driving School.
  6. And lastly, the fun times! Our first RV park had a beautiful pool which made for a relaxing Sunday afternoon. We also got to do wine tasting in central California, splurging on a bottle we both liked. Croad WineryWe actually loved the olive oil tasting the best. The olive farm is called Pasolivo and they do a great tasting with spices and salts. Lastly, we got to visit Joshua Tree National Park! First came a hike and then a sunset photography session for Heather. It was so neat with cacti, fields of Joshua trees, rock formations and even wildlife! Paul put his feetimg_1355 up while Heather got to work.





Can’t wait to continue our journey and adventure. You never know what’s around the corner!