When your husband says to walk your kayak, don’t listen!
» » When your husband says to walk your kayak, don’t listen!

When your husband says to walk your kayak, don’t listen!

When your husband says to walk your kayak to the boat ramp, don’t listen! I learned this early on in our kayak endeavours. More on that later. For now, I am so excited to say that we bought kayaks.

First, we rented a kayak in Lake Havasu City and really enjoyed the entire experience. It was peaceful, a workout yet so relaxing. We knew that kayaks would be in our future.

If you rent one often enough at $60-$80 each time, that would really add up. Why not put that money towards buying our own? Plus, who else can say they went kayaking on a beautiful Monday morning?

Our Kayaks

What did we get? Our kayak of choice is the advanced elements inflatables. We got one single and a convertible (can hold one or both of us). Why advanced elements you ask? Well, we did a lot of research and found that these would suit our needs the best. They would hold up with the dogs in them. There are options to add on like a skirt, the zip in deck, etc. Plus, we like the lumbar support seats.

Basically, we wanted something that would be durable and last a long time. Plus, they store relatively easily and we can go out together in one kayak or in separate kayaks. Now onto our first experiences.

1st time out

Our new kayaks had just arrived via UPS. Paul was super excited to see them and play with them. But wouldn’t you know the weather wasn’t the greatest. Well, we ignored the weather and went out anyways. The wind was a whipping, but that wasn’t going to stop us from trying out the new toys.

Plus, the weather forecast wasn’t for any less wind in the following days. Let’s just say the waves from the wind were so big that they were crashing over the front of the boat and I got soaked right away. Oh well. That was out of the way.

Next up paddling against the wind.

We fought and pushed against that wind as hard as we could. It took both of us what seemed like forever to go a small distance. Needless to say we were laughing a lot of the time and going back into shore super easy and quick!

Don’t walk your kayak to the boat ramp!

Suji was so scared the first time

The next time we went out we couldn’t resist the call of the water right near our RV park in Crescent City, CA. After setting up our home, we knew we had to explore the water. Who can resist a beautiful evening on the water? It was calling our names!

This is when I learned my lesson NOT to listen to my husband when he says to carry your kayak to the boat ramp! Paul thinks we just walked down to the waterfront and boat ramp exploring, so why not carry them over there, right?

Think again.

Keep in mind the walk is almost 1/2 a mile. While that isn’t so bad on its own, carrying a 30-40 lb kayak on your shoulder which, mind you is long and a little awkward, while holding the leash to your dog who is terrified of this big thing on your shoulder. Yeah. Can you picture this scenario?!?! We must have looked like fools and I was laughing incredibly at the whole situation. I was also hurting from the whole situation and had to stop several times to resituate the kayak on my shoulder and encourage the dog to keep moving.

If only I had a photo of that!

Needless to say we made it to the ocean and really enjoyed the harbor paddle. There were sea lions popping their heads up right next to us and it was so peaceful.

3rd time’s the charm with our kayaks

Our third paddle was so beautiful, peaceful and a good workout. After days of rain, we awoke on a Monday morning to the beautiful sunshine with no wind! We knew it was a kayak kind of morning.

We packed the dogs in the truck and drove over to the boat ramp. See I did learn my lesson! This time both dogs seemed quite relaxed on the water. We saw starfish, a great blue heron, had seals and sea lions pop their heads up right next our boats and simply enjoyed the time spent on the water. We were also offered crabs from a guy out crabbing in the harbor.

The water was like glass when we put in. It got a bit breezy while we were out, but nothing too bad.

Afterwards, we got to rinse off the salt water and enjoy our lunch outside while the gear dried in the warm sunshine. Life is grand, right?!?!

We can’t wait to keep using our kayaks in new locations we explore.

Anyone else go out kayaking? Any favorite spots?