Moving towards the RV lifestyle
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Moving towards the RV lifestyle

The biggest question we get is why. The answer. Because life is short and we want to LIVE it. We don’t want to wait until retirement or until we have the money or we feel like we’re ready. We want to live life NOW. We want to enjoy, laugh, see new things, experience the beauty and have an adventure together.

Heather has had some trying times in her life, as we’re sure many people have. One of the biggest influences of her adult life was the death of her father from pancreatic cancer. She was twenty-two when he was diagnosed and twenty-four at his death. Watching him battle cancer and talking more honestly and open with him during it, made her realize how short life really is. You never know what the next day will bring and you can’t have regrets. Because of this experience, she made changes to create a life that made her happy every day.

Paul had already been thinking about the RV lifestyle when Heather approached him with the idea. He was so happy to hear her share thoughts and wishes of being on the road. He knew it was meant to be at that moment and would be a goal for their relationship.

Can we realistically say we’re truly happy EVERY day? Not really. But we can strive to enjoy at least a moment from every day and we can work to turn a bad day around into a better day. Life is what you make of it and we strive to make our time here a happy and fulfilling adventure.

What finally pushed us to want to be on the move in an RV was the passing of a friend and colleague who was not much older than us. It made us realize that we love exploring new things and having new adventures. We are always planning our next vacation. Instead of planning vacations, why can’t we just be on a vacation all the time??!?!

Ok. Life in an RV isn’t ALL a vacation, but it will allow us to travel, have adventures more often and LIVE. It’s not about the stuff in our house or the car in the driveway. It’s about happiness, laughter, simple pleasures and our love for the outdoors and nature. We can hike and wake up to beautiful, new scenery much more often while on the road. We can spend months in a place we love and want to explore more or we can choose to move on from a place that doesn’t excite us as much. That’s just the point… we choose where and when we want to be. We choose not to be tied down and live a hectic rat race of a life. After five years of marriage, we have come to realize together we want to create a life of adventure.