Oregon, Washington and Canada here we come!
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Oregon, Washington and Canada here we come!

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So excited to say we have created a spring and summer itinerary for our travels and they will be taking us up the Oregon coast through Washington and into Canada! We’ll be in Canada for about 6 weeks with visits to Jasper, Banff and Kootenay National Parks. We’re so excited to take in the natural beauty and announce our Canadian Rockies national parks visit is on the books!


Why did we book so far ahead? Well, we learned from fellow RVing friends that these amazing places book up well in advance. I was so glad to learn this valuable information. The next day I decided to take a look at the booking websites and discovered only a few options left. That was when I knew I had to figure out dates. Thankfully, we were able to secure campsites in the Canadian national parks! I couldn’t believe that many people plan so far ahead, but I guess people want to make sure they have their travel plans set up. Bookings for most of the parks opened January 10, 2017.

Oh Canada

Another plus…this year Canada has made their national parks free! That’s right. Entry to all Canadian National Parks is free during 2017 as they celebrate 150 years! That’s a pretty amazing deal they did for anyone to see the IMG_6329beautiful public lands of Canada. While we will have a limited time to travel across this vast country, we are still pretty happy to have a free pass for entry.

We can’t wait to see the beauty of Canada and explore the Canadian Rockies! While we’ve done quite a bit of exploring in the Colorado Rockies we know the Canadian Rockies have spectacular vistas and hiking to offer us. We’ll have a total of 17 days in the parks and towns, so we think that will give us plenty of time to explore with down time in there as well. If there is one thing we have learned while on the road, it is to factor in time for work, play and everyday life tasks. It’s all about the balance or else we get burned out and overwhelmed.

Bear Country, Yay

Needless to say we are quite excited for this trip and the beauty it will offer us. Hoping for some wildlife viewing as well. It is bear country, after all! Yes, the camera will be charged up and ready to roll!

Who else has been and can share information with us? What must we see and do?