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Overwhelming choices and decisions

So we’ve decided on being mobile, living a more nomadic lifestyle and getting into an RV.  Now what?!?!?  It was definitely a little overwhelming at first.  We spent hours reading blogs online and learning.  Then we said, let’s go check out RVs!  So we spent a day, literally all day, going in and out of RVs.  We looked at fifth wheels, travel trailers, and a few Class A motorhomes.  It was overwhelming to say the least.  

Heather felt lost in the see of choices while Paul was looking at the technical specifications.  Would they be good in cold weather?  Would it work for our needs being an artist and a techie?  How can we work in the dogs?  Which one has good storage options?  What about the weights of the vehicles?  With so many questions and things to learn, we took the time to discuss and do more research.  We started to narrow it down, figuring out the fifth wheel with a truck might be our best option.

Wherever we drove, we noticed fifth wheels.  We talked about it and researched more (Paul’s specialty).  We thought through some of the needs we’ll have for doing art shows, having a desk for Paul to work, etc.  We came to conclusions on some things and we needed to learn more on other things.  

We visited another dealer and got in more trailers.  Nothing particularly struck our fancy.  We couldn’t decide on a used rig or a new one, both of which have advantages and disadvantages.  We knew we needed to keep looking for us to find the one.  Time and patience and it would come to us.  Next up the trial.