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Get to know us a bit better with these Q&As

In case you don’t know us well, here are a few Q&As to help you get to know us a little better.

What made you decide to start RVing full time?

The biggest reason is to live life and explore while we are healthy and young. We didn’t want to wait until retirement to explore the world.

Heather’s Dad never made it to retirement, so it was extremely important to her. She also sells her photography at art shows and we wanted to be able to spend time in the great communities vs. returning home after a long weekend of work. Paul didn’t argue with having fun, exploring and doing art shows across the country.

Paul lost his aunt to ALS not long before hit the road. He was feeling stagnant and ready to explore vs. being stuck in a 9-5 routine and traffic!

What is the one piece of advice you wish you would have gotten before you started?

Travel slow and find a rhythm that works for you. We have learned that we don’t like to spend less than a week in a location. It lets us balance work, play and rest. Moving too quickly makes us stressed and we miss things along the way.

What do you miss most (if anything) about living in a house?

Heather misses the garden and growing fresh veggies and herbs for the family. We also miss our wonderful neighbors and community we had built in the Denver/Boulder area including some family. Occasionally, Heather misses having a bathtub, but hot springs and RV parks with hot tubs have helped alleviate that.

How do you go about planning your travels?

We have bucket list items that we are trying to check off. We also plan travels around the weather or to visit with friends, family, and other RVers. Exactly how we plan our route is based on the drive being suitable for our big rig (ie. we don’t travel more than 200 miles in a typical day). We try to plan stops in places with nature activities, history, restaurants, breweries, wineries and in general new things to explore and learn. Many times we have stayed in small towns and are surprised at how much there is to explore.

Heather does all our planning using google, RV specific apps about parks and locations, TripAdvisor and more. It’s no easy task. While it can be fun at times, it is also time-consuming.

What is the one thing you cannot live without?

Each other and our 2 dogs. Honestly, this lifestyle has made us realize more than ever how important we are to each other’s lives. We can make it through anything as a family.

We have spent time sleeping in our truck bed in extreme heat and humidity. Both of us stressed to the max, but somehow laugh about it to this day.

Joshua Tree National Park with full moon

Where has been your favorite place to visit?

This is a super hard question to answer because we have loved so much. However, we both enjoyed our time in Joshua Tree National Park! The scenery was amazing, we spotted wildlife and it was a full moon which made for some amazing photography.

We also loved the Oregon coast, which was a bucket list item. So much to see and do. Nature, hiking, ocean vistas, and natural beauty. While the rain got us down a few times during our 6-week stay, we learned to embrace the rain.

What’s your least favorite “from the road” memory?

Driving down a really rutted out 4×4 dirt road unexpectedly to get to our destination for the day. Keep in mind our rig and truck together are about 64′ long! The trailer is not exactly high clearance. Thankful we made it out safe and sound without any injury to our rig. Read all about that adventure, if you’re interested!

What’s your dream destination?

We both want to experience Alaska. In particular the brown bears of Alaska during a salmon run. The Galapagos and an African safari are also at the top. We both want to visit Thailand, Vietnam and Japan as well.

Do you prefer bigger parks with more amenities or smaller, less crowded places?

We like a balance. While the extra amenities can be a nice luxury, we do enjoy less crowds. Regardless we have met amazing new friends in both places. They each have their ups and downs and we prefer to mix it up.

We recently added solar, so we’re seeing some remote living in our future.

grizzly bear cub

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen while on the road?

Just last night Heather watched a man get arrested in the National Park! While enjoying a lookout point, there must have been 5 Royal Canadian Police vehicles along with an ambulance and a ranger vehicle. She thought someone was having a medical emergency since there were only 2 other vehicles in the lot. Then she heard screaming and saw a man getting cuffed and shoved into the police vehicle. What?!?! Never thought she’d witness that in a national park of all places.

Thankfully that craziness was followed by seeing a grizzly bear sow and her 2 cubs!

What’s the best meal you’ve had while traveling? 

We both loved our meal at Pelican Brewery and Pub in Pacific City, OR. They had it all – tasty craft beer, beautiful ocean views and delicious, memorable food.

While we do enjoy a great meal, in local restaurants, we also really enjoyed having a picnic on the beach at Siesta Key. We timed it for the sunset and it was so magical.

What are your questions for us? Ask below and we’ll do our best to answer.