Telling family and friends
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Telling family and friends

We were very guarded on our new idea. We didn’t share with anyone except strangers – the RV dealers, the truck dealers, etc. We felt we wanted to be sure before we told anyone or were questioned on our decision. But then we bought a “big” truck and people sort of wondered what was going on. Why did we need such a large pick-up? I mean it is nice to pull our cargo trailer full of Heather’s art with the monster, but it is overkill for a little 5×8 cargo trailer.

Well, then we started breaking the news to people. All the feedback has been positive. Everything from you’ll be missed to that sounds amazing or I wish I could do that. So far we are thrilled at the reaction from family and friends. It’s supportive and encouraging. It’s making us feel we are making the right choice to travel and LIVE life. Some of our friends are jealous. Some state they will come visit wherever we are located. Others have told us we must have a blog, so they can keep up with us. Hence the birth of this blog.

Here is where we will strive to share our trials and errors, our happy moments, and our locations.  We will share photos, stories and more.  Right now this blog will be dedicated to making the move.  Lots to get done before we leave our sticks and bricks home for our mobile home.

We’re moving forward. Making this dream a reality and it feels good. Next up…packing, selling, cleaning and organizing to make this happen.

There are still plenty of you we haven’t shared this news with yet.  We thought it easier to break the news to everyone we’ve missed so far through our blog.

Are you family or friend?  What do you think of our decision? We know, it’s big news.