When your day keeps throwing stuff at you: the downside of RV living
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When your day keeps throwing stuff at you: the downside of RV living

Some days just aren’t the greatest. For the first time since we hit the road in the fall, we hit that lousy day that kept snowballing. It tested our limits for stress, but thankfully never tested our relationship with each other. We used hugs and venting to get past it and together we divided and conquered most of the immediate issues at hand. Putting the others on the back burner for the next day.

We knew it was bound to happen, but it is never fun when it does. The day started off ok with a nice sunrise over Las Cruces observed from our rig with a cup of tea in hand. We then packed up the trailer and got on the road pretty early. Here I thought it would be an easy travel day with an early enough arrival in Phoenix to settle in and relax with a glass of wine while watching the sunset. Bam. In one minute that all changed and it kept getting worse from there.

Minor Annoyances

First thing to go was our credit card getting stopped due to fraud when we were trying to buy gas. No big deal. Call the bank, get it worked out, new card in the mail, and use another in the meantime.

Google why did you take us here?

Next…Google decided to take us down a dirt road meant for a 4×4. Our truck alone would be fine on a road like that, but with a huge 5th wheel?!! Ugh! It was a grueling mile and ¼ with me getting out of the truck at times to make sure the road ahead was drivable. Paul had a minor freak out moment as we started down the path. How does a paved road through a nice neighborhood turn suddenly to a primitive and unmaintained mess? What is that about? No warning until you are upon it! It’s not easy to turn around when towing 42’, so onwards we moved.


Suji looking out windowAt least our dog enjoyed the scenery today and made us smile.

We took it slow over the ups and downs of the rutted out road and encountered a nice couple who told us the paved road wasn’t too far off and the road got better from there. It was quite the mess and definitely stressful. Even the dogs could feel the stress and Suji was antsy in the back seat. We celebrated when we hit the pavement of the main road and were super close to our final destination, Lost Dutchman State Park. Little did we know what was to come next.

Mixups with Reservations

Apparently, there was a mix up with our reservation at the Lost Dutchman State Park. After the stress of the dirt road, tensions were high in the truck and there was little room left to take in a reservation mix up. Needless to say we parked the RV, went inside to handle the reservation mix up and got it figured out with the nice volunteer in the office. Thankful for an emergency spot and a canceled reservation not 15 minutes before our arrival, we had 3 nights in the park secured.

We pulled into our “emergency” site at Lost Dutchman State Park which was nice to know existed and tried to settle in. However, we don’t like that there is a “trail” that goes behind the site. I mean within 4 feet of our paved spot and 5th wheel door people were walking by all afternoon and into the evening. The trail leads to both the bathhouse and the amphitheater where there ends up being an evening program led by a ranger with a loudspeaker system.

We need to work…

To top it off there is little to no wifi in this park without a wifi extender. How to work with no wifi???!?!

Thankful for my handy Paul who is able to get our wifi antenna hooked up on the roof and get us some internet while I figured out our next location. Since we were originally supposed to be in the park for 8 days, we needed a place to go next. Not easy to do in booked up Phoenix! After all that headache neither of us felt like working. I thought it would be nice to take a little walk with the dogs. That idea gets scratched off the list when I stepped outside with Suji and got attacked by little green flies. They were everywhere and so annoying. All I wanted was to be back INSIDE. Here I am an outdoorsy person who thought parking our rig in the state park for 8 nights would be fun, beautiful and peaceful.

Heat + no cooling = …

As if that wasn’t enough for one day, we soon discover our AC is not working. We have 2 ac units; one in the bedroom and one in the living area/kitchen. It’s the living room unit that is out. I insisted that the unit was blowing warm air and it was hotter inside than out. Paul didn’t believe me after repeatedly telling him this. Finally, after working to get the wifi antenna settled on the roof, he came inside and realized how hot it was. Then he agreed that the ac was not working. I may not know how to hook up the wifi antenna on the roof, but I do know when a fan is blowing hot air at me. Oh joy.

Needless to say we are heading out on Sunday after what will be only 3 nights in this park. We probably would have packed up earlier, but after 3 days on the road from Texas to get here, we needed some down time from driving and to play catch up with work, etc.

I guess it’s all in the life of fulltime RV living. Thankful we are all ok, the rig survived the dirt road pretty well, and we have the comforts of our own bed for the night. OH and it doesn’t hurt that we just left Texas wine country and have some tasty wine on board to ease the stress of the day. Who else has had one of those days?!!?!?