How we picked our RV: Grand Design Momentum, a toyhauler
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How we picked our RV: Grand Design Momentum, a toyhauler

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Lots of people ask us about our decision to buy a toyhauler. Picking your home is not an easy one and careful consideration should go into it! Here’s how we decided on our Grand Design Momentum.

Visiting dealers

After going to several fifth wheel dealers to check units out, we decided to narrow our research and look at specific brands we liked. It was easy to rule certain ones out that we didn’t like or wouldn’t work for our needs. Paul stumbled upon the Grand Design brand and decided it was worth a look at our local dealer. We finally had a day off together and we took the plunge to drive out and see them in person.

That was all it took – one look and we were sold this was the brand for us. We liked the layouts, the options, the feel of them, etc. We spent most of the morning looking at the layouts, talking to the sales guy and getting a feel for them. Unfortunately, since this is a newer brand used rigs are hard to come by. It also spoke to the brand as people seem to really like them and hold onto them.trailer-interior

Buying used or new?

When looking for your perfect RV, expand your search to the entire country. RVs can be moved and you may find a better price and a better rig outside of your area! That’s how we did it and it worked well for us.

As we did more research, the internet was our friend. There are websites like RVtrader, ebay and Craiglist which list both used and new RVs for sale. As we dug around online across the country for a used rig, we stumbled upon a new 2015 still on a dealer’s lot in July of 2016. It was the layout we wanted with extra options.

We did ask plenty of questions and wondered why it was still on the lot. All were answered and we even got a video tour with the dealer.

Should we take the plunge? Was it meant to be ours?? We NEVER expected this to happen so quickly. We were kind of in shock. We slept on it. We came back to it. We talked to the dealer. We spent an evening going over the finances, the pros, cons, etc.

Could we make this happen? Were we ready?? We finally decided to take the plunge. If the one we wanted landed in our lap, we should bite. The world was telling us to go ahead with the plan; the dream was going to become reality.