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IMG_4724While Paul had some experience with trucks, Heather did not. She had certainly never driven a big truck.  So off to the dealerships we went. First came Ford to look at the diesel 250s. We liked it, but wanted to see more options. Then came Chevy, which neither of us particularly liked. We didn’t like the feel of the truck inside and we figured this truck is going to stick around, so we better like it!

Next came the RAM dealership and we fell in love. We liked the feel inside, it drove beautifully and had the power we needed in the 2500 diesel Cummins engine to tow our home.  We were sold on a RAM, but didn’t necessarily need a brand new one. Well, it took a few months of looking around and being patient because used RAM pick-ups are not common, especially with the diesel engine.

Finally, we found the ONE. We had it transferred to a local dealership, took it for a test drive and then slept on it. We felt we couldn’t be impulsive with such a big decision and spending that much money. It was definitely our largest purchase together to date.  Soon to be outdone by an RV, but we’ll get to that later.

Well, a couple of days later we went home with our new 2015 RAM, a 2500 Diesel truck! We were both a little giddy over this decision as it really signified the first move towards the RV lifestyle. It was like a flip had been switched with this purchase. No longer were we talking about, we were making the dream happen. Next up, the fifth wheel.