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Upgrades to the RV – convection microwave!

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We all know how much I like to bake, right? Well, since we drove our 5th wheel home from California to load it up, I have wanted an upgrade to the lousy tiny propane oven that comes in it. Time for a convection microwave!

Reasons why I dislike the propane oven

While I figured out how to bake and cook in it, IMG_6535everything takes longer. Plus, it’s so tiny all I can fit is a brownie size pan. When I’m making cookies, that means it takes me about 2 hours to make a full batch. Ugh!

The small propane oven also takes forever to heat up to temp and even then I don’t think it ever gets as hot as it should. I tried the trick with the pizza stone in there and it does help bake evenly, but I’m still stuck with the slowness and size.

Our old microwave

While our microwave worked just fine, it was the simplest version of a microwave you could buy.

I didn’t expect much different as the appliances in the RVs aren’t usually top of the IMG_6540line.

While I don’t need top of the line, I would like one with a few more features. If you don’t know me, I like to bake and cook. An oven is important to that task.

I know some of the newer models are coming with convection microwaves. It might also be an optional upgrade. Since we got ours off the dealer lot at a great price, we couldn’t pick and choose options.

Better to get a great price on the RV and make a few upgrades on our own, right?

Alas, the microwave model we wanted finally went on sale and we have officially made the upgrade to a convection microwave!

What did we get?

We bought a Maytag #MMV6190DS in stainless steel to match our other appliances. It looks great and so IMG_6542far is working great.

Did you know that Home Depot will deliver to your RV park? That’s right. We had it delivered! Plus, they took the old one away for us. How sweet is that?

The only downside to this upgrade is the new one didn’t fit exactly as the old one. Therefore, we needed to drill new holes in the top cabinet and put up the new plate in a little different place than the old. I’m thankful for a handy husband who can do all of that!

We also have a stone backsplash that came with our 5th wheel and it was just a tiny bit too tall. He was able to remove it and take out one row of stones and put it back up like new!

Why do I like it so much?

It has 2 shelves in it for baking and cooking.

It is quick and powerful.


It gives off less heat into the house which is especially important so I can still have cookies in the warm weather. Seeing as we live full-time in ours and follow the weather this applies year round to us now.

So far, everything is a plus. I even like the timer noise vs. the old microwave timer.

So thankful for our new convection microwave and my wonderful husband for getting it installed beautifully.

Now what should I bake first???