7 Reasons to visit Lake Havasu City, Arizona
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7 Reasons to visit Lake Havasu City, Arizona

We recently spent a week in Lake Havasu City, Arizona and were quite happy with our decision. If you remember from a recent post, we had a reservation mix-up and couldn’t find anywhere to stay in the crazy crowded Phoenix area. Well, we decided to make the trek to Lake Havasu City as we move west to California. It turned out to be an unexpected gem for us.

7 reasons to visit Lake Havasu City

The cactus are in bloom.

1. Blooming Desert

The desert around Lake Havasu City is blooming which makes for beautiful colors and so much green! There’s yellow, purple and orange flowers everywhere and the prickly pear are blooming a beautiful violet pink. Wow!

Goofballs like to Kayak2. Kayaking

Go kayaking on the lake. With temps in the 90s, we needed an activity to keep us cool. It was $60 for 2 hours on the lake. Serene and picture perfect. While kayaking, we did some bird watching along the shore and saw a great blue heron, coots and other ducks. It was pleasant and the water kept us cool. Make sure to wear plenty of sunscreen as it is bright and sunny.

3. Camping Options Galore

There are plenty of options for camping around including state parks (Lake Havasu State Park, Cattail Cove State Park and Buckskin Mountain State Park), BLM land which offers 14 day stays boondocking, RV parks, etc. Pick whichever suits you best financially or whatever. What we did notice is that Verizon and other cell signals worked better on the north side of town on BLM land. Some of the south ones had signals if you were closer to town. If that’s important to you, be aware.

4. Shopping Spree, well maybe not

There are also plenty of options for shopping – food, home stores, etc. We had a few errands to run since we had been away from stores (other than a grocery store) for a little bit. This included some maintenance on the truck, dog food, etc. Also, there are plenty of restaurants, bars, etc., if that’s your thing. We enjoyed MudShark Brewery. Their vanilla caramel porter was delicious and they had decent pizza. They offer t 1/2 price apps during happy hour.

5. Public Land + Feet = Hiking

Hiking trails are plenty as well. There are several wildlife refuges in the area along with other hiking trails to old mines, etc. It’s fun to check out the lighthouses on the island. You can drive out to them and hike down to the lake from there. I enjoyed sunset views from the lighthouses and also from Lake Havasu State Park.

You can also walk around the Old London Bridge. Yes, that’s right. A wealthy Arizona investor bought the old London Bridge, shipped it to Arizona, created a channel for the island and had the bridge reassembled here in Lake Havasu City. It’s a neat attraction for about 10 minutes, in our opinion.

6. Off-road Anyone

Off-road trails for ATVs are plentiful and they even held the World Off Road Championships while we were in town! That should say something, right?

Lake Havasu City at Sunset

7. Birds, Sheep and Burros Oh My

Wildlife including birds, bighorn sheep and wild burros can be found nearby. Rattlesnakes and other lizards too. We saw lizards, but thankfully no snakes.

Have you been to Lake Havasu City? Have any advice to share?